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Personal Injury Case Tips before Hiring an Attorney



Before considering getting an attorney, car accident attorneys for example, you have to know what is the personal injury case is worth. It means how much money your attorney is going to get. To answer that, it depends on how much insurance coverage is available because as a practical matter defendants either don't have any enough income or assets to make it worth going after them or whatever reasons those are protected. So most injury lawyer Moreno Valley asks first, other than what is your injuries and who cause the accident, is how much insurance coverage is available.


They are going to want to get the defendant's policy and find out how much coverage is available. There are also other policies in play including your own. You might have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage because sometimes people think that they don't and they do. It is always a good idea to check. They will review the affects to determine what other types of insurance might be in place. In general, you will get to know the total amount. And that's going to be an effective cap on what damages are available.


The next question is who caused the accident? They will have to know if that is clear. The next question they will ask you is 'what are your injuries?' What is the extent of your injuries? Oftentimes insurance companies will say, 'You are not injured enough. This isn't serious enough to involve an attorney. It is a lie. Most of the time you should never believe that is true. So the solution is to call your personal car accident attorneys to find out if they are really giving you the real deal. Sometimes the case really doesn't justify the work of an attorney Shernoff Bidart but often your injuries might not be apparent at the beginning or you just don't know the extent of them.


This is a common example. Let's just say you hurt your neck during the accident. You are having pain in your neck. You are not really sure if you need to go to the doctor. Everything else seems fine. You go to the doctor right away, which is what you should do. They take some scans. It's clear but the doctor advised that they are going to need surgery.

It is now a significant, high value case. Your case value is going to be determined to a large extent on the extent of your injuries. It is combined with whether it is clear who's at fault.

It is best to seek help. Go ask your injury attorney about this.


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